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Saint Chris With 2019

Avengers United at San Cris Con 2019!

Poster Oficial San Cris Con 2019

San Cris Con 2019 was quite an experience in San Cristóbal de las Casas. Seeking to generate an experience like the great conventions of the world, San Cris Con 2019 threw the house out the window and brought a lineup of luxury guests that made this event one of the most memorable.

Decking out our guest list and giving the theme to the event we had the presence of the voice actors:Pepe Tono MaciasandIdzi Dutkiewiczwho, in addition to being the star guests, gave the theme to the event by being the voices ofCaptain AmericaYHombre de Hierrorespectively. 

San Cris Con this year showed that one of its important areas is the Artists' Hall, which had among its ranks great legends of Mexican comics and who are representatives of our country in the world within the medium of comics... We had the presence ofmarvel comicswith the coloristsEdgar Delgado(spider-man) YMars Grace(X Men), in addition to the inkerVictor Olazaba(Spider-Man, Champions), the drawerFero Peniche(Neymar Jr. Presents Inked) and the teacheredgar clement(Operation Bolivar). 

The youtuber also accompanied usMr X,from the comics channelTop Comicswhich has more than 4 million followers and thecosplayerinternationalShirahime.

The event was attended by more than 3,000 people in two days of activities where there were many sales stands with specialized and collectible items and many activities were carried out such as workshops (drawing, plasticine modeling, robotics), video game tournaments (Clash Royale, FIFA 18, League of Legends), TCG tournaments (Magic, The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!), drawing contests, singing, dancingk popYcosplay, the latter being the grand finale of theState Cosplay Contest. 

It is worth mentioning that all those attending the event received theKit San Cris With, the badge bag of the event with gifts such as pins, event schedules, the official poster of the event, an incredibleart bookswith the collaboration of all the attendees of theArtists' Halland a special copy ofcomikaze, the comic book magazine with art by Edgar Clement on the back cover and Shirahime on the cover... A true San Cris Con Experience!

Comikaze Edición San Cris Con 2019
Comikaze Edición San Cris Con 2019

collector's edition ofcomikaze, the comics magazine with art by Edgar Clement on the back cover and Shirahime on the cover.


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