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The gamer meeting place in Chiapas

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in 2017 the San Cris Con team ventured to create a dedicated space for Gamers from Chiapas, where a Gamer Expo was organized for the first time in the state in which attendees had the opportunity to test their video game skills in a competitive space, but also very entertaining, fun and above all full of friendship and good times... We had talks by renowned speakers such as Sebastián Llapur, dubbing actor, as well as drawing workshops, puppets, board games and other creative activities for the little ones.


There was music that enlivened the event and that made us dance and was even in keeping with the event with themes from movies and television series. Cosplay contests. Store stands. And as the main theme, card games (TCG) such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic, Pokemon and Heroclix, video game contests on X-Box One, Play Station, Arcade and PC such as Gears of War, League of Legends , Fifa 18, Halo, King of Fighters and more, most of these events were broadcast on screen and narrated by knowledgeable gamers, including special guest Sebastian Llapur.

EG28 is definitely the Gamer experience that Chiapas was waiting for. 

Message from our star guest, the dubbing actor Sebastián Llapur

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Guests and Activities


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