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Previous Episodes

The Vigilantes return in their version 2.0 and bring more energy, new members and many incredible moments in the only Live Stream of comics in the south east of Mexico.


Pilot episode

The Watchers are back and stronger than ever!
The only comic, anime, science fiction and fantasy program in Chiapas... With great surprises, guests, dynamics, gifts from our sponsors and more.
We invite you to see us this Wednesday, February 9 at 9:00 p.m.... Stay tuned, little by little, at la #SanCrisConCommunity we will be creating the vision that together we will give to the San Cris Con 2023 project and we will be giving you news and information every Wednesday at #The watchers

Episode 2

This Wednesday we will talk about the Multiverse... Comics have shown us that there are infinite possibilities for a character and therefore infinite worlds. And what does that mean?
Join us live, from 9 to 10 at night, through the Fan Page of San Cris Con

 Episode 4

The Pop Culture and Comics Show, #The watchers continua, don't miss our "Live" where we will talk about Wonder Woman and the representation of women in comics.
We will also have an interview with the artist Chiapanec Phonemova  who will tell us about her work and what it means to be an artist in Chiapas.
Wednesday at  9 PM
On the San Cris Con channel... We are waiting for you 

Episode 1

Tomorrow we start the road to San Cris Con 2023 with a special program de #The watchers, where we will talk about the #LoveInComicsTimes...and other geek worlds. Do not miss it and we will give you news and surprises about what we have planned for you to celebrate the month of love and friendship.
Wednesday, February 9, 9:00 p.m. on the San Cris YouTube channel Con 

Episode 3

Batman. Justice, Society and Politics.
Who really is the Dark Knight?
What comics did Matt Reeves take inspiration from for The Batman?
Why will we see a different Batman than the one we've seen on the big screen?
Discover this and more in our next episode of The Watchers, where we will also give away double passes for the premiere of The Batman and two funkos by de Coruz Shop.
Do not miss it!

 Episode 5

What do comics have to do with history?
Find out on the Wednesdays of "The Watchers"   where we will review the ages of comics and you will also learn about the social, political context and the media impact they have had throughout history.
Don't miss the live broadcast, sharp at 9:00 PM!
#pop culture


 Episode 6

The Oscars left us a lot of news, impressions, stories and slaps hehe... So tomorrow we'll talk a little about them and much more en #The watchers
Through the Fan Page of San Cris Con... We will have surprises for you and much more, see you there.
#SanCrisCon #ExperienceSanCrisCon
#SanCrisCon2023 #comics
#geek #pop culture

 Episode 7

Do you know what are the motivations and aspirations of the main villains de #Batman?
Find out in episode #8 of our classic Wednesday de #The watchers o'clock at 9:00 at night.
Follow our live broadcast   and win a special edition funko pop The Batman courtesy of our friends de Coruz Shop.
#TheBatman #SanCrisCon #ExperienceSanCrisCon #DCUniverse #DC #FunkoPop 

 Episode 8

Earn 3 double passes to the premiere of Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness with #The watchers.
That's how it is!
See our Children's Day special, "Shazam and children in comics" and participate in the dynamics.
The appointment is on Wednesday at 9:00 PM through the @sancriscon fanpage.
#Shazam #Children's Day #SanCrisCon #ExperienceSanCrisCon #DC #Marvel 

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